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12 Easy Ways You Can Be Romantic Towards Your Partner

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Romantic gestures are common in the early stages of a relationship but quickly fade when the chase is over. It is important to keep the romance alive. Showing affection is a good way to show your partner you are grateful for them.

Fortunately, there are many simple and easy things anyone can do to reintroduce romance into a relationship, including these:

Hold hands. Holding hands is free, easy, and can be done nearly anywhere. It requires no effort, but it is meaningful. Holding hands is a simple and easy way to add a little romance to your life.

Shop together. It all depends on what you’re shopping for. Shopping for a new shovel isn’t all that romantic. But shopping for jewelry or lingerie can be romantic even if you cannot shop in person; online shopping for home goods to make your house a home can be a way to connect.

Give a quick compliment. A quick compliment can be romantic, depending on the nature of the compliment. “I love the way you mowed the grass this week” isn’t going to turn up the romantic energy. “I just love the way you look in your glasses” might do the trick.

Take a short road trip. Get out of town and explore some new places. It can be a nature area or a diner famous for its cheeseburgers. There’s something romantic about hopping in the car and going on a little adventure together.

Turn off your phone. Give your partner your full attention. Turn off your phone and put it away. Your little games and meaningless text messages will remain in an hour. Nothing says “You’re not important to me,” like conversing with someone while staring at your phone.

Date night. Plan a date just like the old days. Even at-home dinner and a movie can be romantic if you haven’t done it in a while. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and hold hands in the dark.

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Flowers. Flowers are a cliché for a reason. Flowers aren’t very practical, but that’s part of what makes them romantic. What type of flowers does your partner like? You do know, right?

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A small gift. A small, random gift is always kind and appreciated. It can also be romantic, again, depending on the gift. A 10-pack of pencils won’t score a lot of romantic points.

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Send a quick text. A romantic text out of the blue is a great gesture that can enhance anyone’s mood. A simple “I was just thinking about you” text can brighten your significant other’s day.

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Show how excited you are to see them. We love it when people are genuinely happy to see us. Show your partner how much you care by displaying enthusiasm for his or her arrival. Think about how an adult greets a toddler they haven’t seen lately. That’s the general vibe you’re shooting for.

Random affection. A hug or a kiss at an unexpected moment can be very romantic. The more surprising, the more romantic, generally speaking.

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Cook a meal together. Go shopping for ingredients together and then share the cooking duties. Cooking together can be both fun and romantic. You never know what dessert will bring.

There’s plenty a motivated person can do to rekindle the romance in their relationship. Romance doesn’t have to be overly expensive, complicated, or mushy. Many simple, kind gestures are romantic.

Avoid allowing your relationship to drift off into a rut slowly. You can put your relationship back on course and make you happier with easy romantic actions. What are some ways you show your partner you love them? Post in the comments below!

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