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5 Reasons Unique NJ Couples Are Choosing Rustic Wedding Venues

Barn with Silo wedding venue in NJ
Perona Farms - Andover, NJ

Traditionally, weddings in the state of New Jersey have been held in banquet halls or event locations with set cuisines, décor, and themes. However, a significant number of engaged couples are moving away from these kinds of venues. Many NJ couples are now choosing to exchange their vows surrounded by the natural beauty of a farm, vineyard, or barn for a number of different reasons.

  1. Scenic beauty: Farms, vineyards, and barns all make for breathtakingly beautiful natural backdrops for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. The scenery of rolling hills, grapevines, and open fields can make for a stunning and romantic backdrop for wedding photographs and videos.

  2. Unique atmosphere: Outdoor weddings at farms, vineyards, or barns can offer a unique, non-traditional atmosphere that many couples find appealing. In these venues, guests can make themselves at home and enjoy the festivities in a relaxed, informal, and welcoming environment.

  3. Space and flexibility: Outdoor venues can often accommodate large numbers of guests, making them an excellent option for couples with big families or extensive guest lists. The open spaces and flexibility of outdoor venues also allow couples to create a customized experience that reflects their personalities and preferences, as well as get creative with their wedding design.

  4. Connection to nature: Many couples find that outdoor weddings at farms, vineyards, or barns allow them to connect more closely with nature and to incorporate natural elements into their wedding design. This connection to nature can be a source of comfort, joy, and inspiration on such an important day.

  5. Local cuisine: Farms and vineyards often have on-site restaurants, or they may work with local caterers to offer locally-sourced, farm-to-table cuisine for the wedding reception. This can give couples the opportunity to showcase the delicious, fresh flavors of NJ while supporting local businesses and farms. Additionally, wine lovers may appreciate the opportunity to serve locally-produced wines or host a wine-tasting event as part of their wedding festivities. In some cases, you can also hire a mobile bar or food truck to provide refreshments and food.

In general, weddings held outside at locations such as farms, vineyards, or barns can provide guests with a one-of-a-kind, charming, and memorable experience that many couples find appealing. Where are you having your wedding ceremony/reception and why? Let us know in the comments!

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