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Wedding Breakfast - Not Only For Mornings

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Some traditions around weddings vary depending on the location of the ceremony. Here is a peek into one from across the Pond.

An Anticipated Invitation...With A Twist

I was quite delighted to receive an expected wedding invitation in the mail today. A good friend of mine is getting married next year and it will be a destination wedding since they live in the UK. Originally, my friend and his fiancé wanted a Bavarian-themed celebration in Munich, Germany. But as the Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote "The best-laid schemes of mice and men Go oft awry," It's quite interesting that I picked him to quote because Scotland is the new wedding location! YAY!

As I took in all the information on the card, I noticed that the early afternoon ceremony would be followed by a "wedding breakfast". I had so many questions: Breakfast in the afternoon? Isn't that just a late brunch? Was this replacing the reception dinner?

What's A Wedding Breakfast?

It turns out that the custom dates back hundreds of years ago in the UK. Wedding ceremonies were performed during Christian mass. In preparation for receiving Holy Communion at the service, the couple and guests would fast, or not eat beforehand. Following the ceremony, the people would sit down together to "break the fast" while celebrating the newlywed couple during the "wedding breakfast".

Despite the changing wedding landscape where weddings have become more secular and less formal, the tradition has remained. The meal replaces the formal dinner and is separate from the reception, which is reserved for partying.

Will There Be Pancakes?

From what I can tell, there are no rules when it comes to what will be on the menu/ While some may choose to do an actual breakfast/brunch setup, the wedding I'll be attending will have a more traditional "dinner" meal with a small appetizer, filet mignon main course and petite desserts.

The fun of incorporating a practice like this is that it is unexpected and, IMHO, makes the wedding guests more invested. I have learned something new just from that small phrase on the invitation.

What traditions do you want to add to your wedding day? Comment below!

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