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Double Celebration Dilemma: Planning Your Wedding on a Holiday—What Couples Often Overlook

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Are you dreaming about ringing in the New Year with wedding bells, celebrating your Samhain ceremony on Halloween, or exchanging vows under Fourth of July fireworks? Super romantic! But there are some intricacies to planning a holiday wedding that you might not have considered. It will take a little more time and effort to plan a holiday wedding. Don't let the added considerations throw you. Let's take a look because sometimes, you don't know what you don't know!

1. Increased Costs

First, let's talk money. Holidays are a hot ticket for venues and vendors, which often translates into a peak pricing model. Your dream venue might cost a pretty penny more on a holiday, and the same goes for photographers, caterers, and DJs. Check with the vendors and ask if there are day-before or day-after concessions.

2. Limited Availability

Your ideal photographer or favorite florist may already be booked. Holidays are not just popular for weddings; they're also in high demand for other events like family reunions, corporate parties, or even other weddings. Start your planning early, and make sure you have some solid Plan B options in mind.

3. Guest Attendance

Think your guests will leap at the chance to combine your wedding with a holiday celebration? Maybe. But consider this—many people have longstanding holiday traditions and plans. An early save-the-date is crucial but still be prepared for a few more declines than a non-holiday wedding.

4. Travel Troubles

Ah, the holiday season—cozy, festive, and an absolute mess if you're traveling. Airports are busier, flights are more expensive, and hotel rooms? Forget about it! If you've got a lot of guests flying in, this could add a layer of stress you hadn't anticipated.

5. Hotel Amenities May Be Scarce

It's the holiday season, and that festive cheer extends far beyond your wedding. Hotels might be hosting their own events, or accommodating other holiday festivities. Those penthouse suites you were eyeing for getting ready photos? Booked. Shuttle service for your guests? Unavailable. Remember to ask about these amenities early on, as they're likely in high demand.

6. Unforeseen Restrictions

Holidays sometimes come with municipal restrictions—like noise curfews or fireworks bans—that you might not be aware of. Check local laws and venue policies to ensure you can still have that midnight fireworks display or that rocking live band past 10 p.m.

7. Weather Woes

Ah, the weather—the ultimate wildcard. A Christmas wedding might sound lovely until you’re dealing with a snowstorm. And a Labor Day beach wedding? Beautiful, unless a hurricane decides to RSVP 'yes.' Always have a contingency plan for Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Virtual Assistant

The idea of planning a wedding on a holiday might already have your head spinning with the endless details to manage. Enter the Wedding Virtual Assistant — your behind-the-scenes lifesaver. Unlike a full-fledged wedding planner, a virtual assistant specializes in remote tasks like sourcing information, managing your emails, and even coordinating with vendors. Think of them as your digital right hand; they keep everything organized without the need for on-site management. It's a cost-effective way to take off some of the burden, especially when it comes to tedious tasks you can't afford to forget. And hey, they're always just a click away!

A holiday wedding can be a magical experience, but it requires some extra thought and planning. With a keen eye for detail and a flexible attitude, your special day can be a holiday hit!

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