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Relationship Coaching Services

Relationship coaching before marriage sets the foundation for a resilient, understanding, and deeply connected partnership. It equips couples with the tools and insights necessary for effective communication, conflict resolution, and mutual growth, ensuring a strong start to their lifelong journey together.

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Empowering Couples for a Lifetime of Love

The SYMBIS Assessment Package


As a certified SYMBIS facilitator and experienced relationship coach, I, Fallon King, am excited to offer a unique package that nurtures deeper connections and understanding between partners. SYMBIS, or Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, is a globally acclaimed program designed for couples embarking on a lifelong journey together.

This all-inclusive package, priced at $249, features:

  • SYMBIS Assessment: A dynamic, interactive tool tailored for modern couples. Participants independently answer 300 questions in an engaging format, accessible on any device.

    • Topics include mindset, wellbeing, love, sex, communication, and spirituality.

    • Unique question formats, like drag-and-drop selections, to keep engagement high.

  • Two Personalized 1-Hour Sessions with Relationship Coaching: Post-assessment, we delve into your 15-page report during two comprehensive sessions.

    • Unpack practical and personalized insights with a relationship coaching perspective.

    • Explore your relationship’s nuances, addressing emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

    • Discuss your social support, financial backgrounds, and family dynamics, guided by my relationship coaching expertise.

Benefits of the SYMBIS Package:
  • Insightful Reporting: A detailed 15-page report, the world's most powerful pre-marriage tool, offers an in-depth look at your relationship.

    • Aggregate view of the couple's compatibility and dynamics.

    • Individual and collective insights for a well-rounded understanding.

  • Guided Exploration with Relationship Coaching: Our sessions will guide you through understanding and applying the report’s insights to your relationship, enhanced by my experience in relationship coaching.

    • Address any caution flags and explore how your personalities combine on critical issues.

    • Lay a robust foundation for your marriage through enriched understanding and communication, backed by professional coaching insights.

Embark on the SYMBIS journey with me and gain invaluable insights to strengthen your bond, understand each other more deeply, and lay a robust foundation for your marriage. This journey is more than just preparation; it’s an investment in a lifetime of love and understanding, enhanced by professional relationship coaching.


Understand Yourself and Your Partner 

Our Upcoming Enneagram Package

Coming soon to Weddings By Papermill, our exciting new Enneagram package promises a journey of self-discovery and a deeper understanding of your relationship.


The Enneagram, a dynamic personality typing system, offers profound insights into individual behaviors, motivations, and communication styles. This package is designed to help couples uncover their core Enneagram types, providing invaluable knowledge to nurture and strengthen their relationship.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and enhanced connection with our upcoming Enneagram package. Stay tuned!

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