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Speak from the Heart: 9 Tips to Delivering a Memorable Wedding Speech

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The moment has come. It's your time to shine and share those heartfelt (or hilarious!) words during the wedding celebration. Feel the butterflies? Don't sweat it; we've all been there. With love and joy in the air, remember that everyone in attendance is eager to hear your heartfelt words and to share in this momentous day with you. Let's walk through some golden tips that will have you standing tall and speaking from the heart when it's your turn to raise that mic.

1. Friendly Faces Only

First things first, look around; these folks are here to celebrate love, your love, or the love of someone you all adore. They're rooting for you, not waiting for you to stumble. Embrace the warmth, share a little laugh – it's all good vibes here.

2. Rehearse, Then Rehearse Some More

The secret to nailing that wedding speech? Practice, and then some more practice! Find your rhythm, play with the feelings, and yes, those strategic pauses can be quite the game-changer.

3. Memorize but Stay Natural

Knowing your speech inside and out gives you the freedom to be you. So while you're in the shower or on your drive, go over those lines and make them second nature.

4. Breathe Easy

A simple yet potent tip – breathe. Learn the art of diaphragmatic breathing (a quick YouTube search will show you how!), and see how it calms those jitters and puts you in control.

5. Smile, You Got This!

Before you stand, recall a funny, light-hearted moment that brings a genuine smile to your face. It's your little secret to bring a relaxed, joyful energy to your speech.

6. Go Bananas!

Ever heard of the magical nerve-calming powers of bananas? Grab one about 20 minutes before your speech. Trust us; it works wonders!

7. Take it Slow

In the nervous rush, you might speed up. Remember, it's not a race. Take your time, articulate your words and share your message from the heart.

8. Connect through Eye Contact

Make your speech a heartfelt chat by connecting with your audience through eye contact. It brings a personal touch and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

9. Enjoy Every Moment

Lastly, embrace the moment. Yes, it's okay to fumble a little; remember, it's the joy, the love, and the genuine words that matter most.


Ready to slay your wedding speech? You've got this! And hey, as you gear up for this big moment, why not share your journey with a community as excited as you are? Follow us on Instagram to get all the inspiration, tips, and support you need to shine on the big day. Let's celebrate love, one amazing speech at a time!

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