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Want to Show Appreciation for your Amazing Officiant after your Wedding? Here are Three Ways

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Gratuity can just be showing gratitude through action.

There is this eternal question about tipping your vendors, especially the officiant. Some people will give a monetary gift to the officiant after the wedding, but others do not think this is necessary. It is always nice to give tips for a job well done or when a vendor goes above and beyond, but there are three ways you can show your officiant you value their hard work and contribution to the wedding ceremony. These methods do not require money, but will have long term benefits for them down the road.


Word-of-mouth advertising is still very powerful in this day and age. If you are in any wedding/engagement groups (such as this one on Facebook), mention your experience with your officiant and tag them, if possible. This gives free advertisement for the officiant and lets other couples know how amazing it was to work with your officiant.


Similar to referrals, reviews really help your officiant build relationships and increase their visibility online. Reviews on Google, Thumbtack (if your officiant is listed there), or other search engines will really go far.

You can also send the officiant a voice message, photos of them from the event, or video review for them to use in their marketing materials.


If you post about your wedding on social media such as Instagram and YouTube, or in a publication like, remember to mention and tag your officiant. This is a great option if you are an influencer or have a brand of your own and will boost brand awareness for both of you. Most couples just tag their venue, photographer, or MUA (makeup artist). Your officiant wants to be acknowledged, too!

How would you show your officiant you appreciate them? Let us know!

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